Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Delco Goats?

The Delco Goats are a player development and AAU program that centers themselves around helping young players reach their full potential.  We are a people friendly organization that strives to build personal connections between players, coaches and parents.

How long does the spring AAU season run?

The spring AAU season runs from the beginning of March to the end of May.  Some of the older grade levels will play into the month of June or even July.

Where do the teams practice?

The teams are based out of the Garnet Valley area and the majority of teams will practice out of the Glen Mills School in Glen Mills, PA.

How many teams do you offer at each grade level?

There are 2 teams at each grade level.  We look to have an A and B level team after our tryouts in January.  Teams are selected by coaches and outside evaluators.

How may tournaments does each team play in and how far do they travel?

Each team plays in 5-6 tournaments with the exception of the 3rd grade teams that play in only 3.  Most tournaments are within one hour of the Garnet Valley area.  It's at the coaches discretion if they would like to play in more tournaments or choose a tournament that requires more travel time or an overnight stay.

What does the AAU fee cover?

The cost for AAU covers the gym rentals, tournament fees, insurance, coaches fee, and an Under Armour uniform package (includes backpack, reversible uniform, shooting shirt and practice pinnie).

How often do the teams practice in the spring?

All teams practice 2 nights a week with the exception of the 3rd grade teams which only practice 1 night a week.

To register for the Delco Goats 2020 AAU teams please click the PayPal button below.   

Or pay through Venmo to @coachstack-goats.  If paying using Venmo you do not need to include the additional online fee. ($25.00 only) 
*If using Venmo please email the following information:
Player Name, Grade Level and best email address and phone number to reach you.
**If paying using paypal a $1.05 service fee will be added.  

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